process 270

  • Initial consultation
    I sit down with you and we go over what you think your site should look like. I get an idea of your business, your color preferences and the message you want to convey. You also select a domain name, I initiate the registration process.
  • Your domain goes through a registration process.
    This can take 2-3 weeks, and is out of our control. In my experience, registration is completed very quickly, within 1 day! Registration is through, the international regulatory agency. Registration must be completed before you can have a “real” website. Once registration is complete, your domain name is “live”, and will show a “Website Coming Soon” page.
  • Initial concept
    While we wait for registration to be complete, I create a framework design for you to evaluate. This will be to decide placement, colors, fonts and the general “skeletal” layout of your site.
  • Preliminary Design and Initial publication
    After you approve or adjust the concept I create a series of basic pages specific to your domain. These will consist of dummy  text, preliminary logos, images etc. I “publish” the site as a subdomain to my site. You can get a feel for what the real site will look like.This will allow you and your associates to look at your website “live”. Your website will have a termporary address of You provide final adjustments here.
  • Registration Complete
    I will receive written documentation from the registering entity confirming your name registration.You now can publish a real live website. NOTE: This documentation is necessary for a webserver to host your domain.
  • Finalize Design
    After you approve or adjust the preliminary design, I create a final version that contains detailed information as provided or approved by you. All links are verified, and the design is tested for functionality against Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera and FireFox (Mozilla)
  • Final Publish
    After you are completely satisfied and the registration process has been completed, I publish your domain. Now you are for the world to see!
  • Turnkey Hand-over
    Depending on the type of site you have and the complexity of your pages I can provide you with a server login name and password, and instructions on how to modify your web site yourself. I will remain available as a consultant. Of course, I will maintain your site for you for a modest fee, if you would prefer.The charge would be based on complexity of the changes.