Your website should be able to reflect well your overall corporate image and vision. It serves as a dynamic platform, and therefore website designing and development must be given due care and attention that it deserves. We will include whatever you think is necessary. After all, it’s your business, so you should be in control.

The following are always included:

  • Domain name registered thru ICANN.org and site placement for one year on an industrial strength, fully backed up Apache™ server.
  • A 4 to 5-page website, built to your specifications, completely verified for functionality on multiple browsers, (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome).This includes:
  • An attention grabbing main page, designed to your specifications
  • One or two sub pages to contain whatever you want, menus, price lists, history, whatever
  • A directions page that includes a Google Earth™ satellite image of your location and printable maps
  • A contact/feedback/request information form
  • Royalty free stock images or your custom images
  • Up to 5 POP3 E-mail accounts for you and your employees, more if required.
  • Expansion capability up to 250Mb – (this entire site is only about 12Mb)
  • Up to 100Gb monthly data transfer (bandwidth), expandable if required.
  • Web statistics software (Webalizer™) that allows you to see traffic on your domain.
  • Simple to follow instructions enabling you to do minor editing on your own.
    (If you can create a Word document, you can edit a website.)
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

E-commerce, SSL certificates, PHP/ASP scripting, SQL database inclusions, flash content, streaming audio or video content and other advanced features are available at extra cost. Minor page adjustments are free. Call Don at 860-271-5341 or 860-444-8008, or e-mail donr@137tremont.com for additional information, or fill out our contact form.